2019 Goldfields TVET College Online Application Form

2019 Goldfields TVET College Online Application Form

2019 Goldfields TVET College Online Application Form is available . Click here to download the latest pdf version of the application form

Click here to download 2019 Goldfields TVET College Online Application Form – coming soon …

Our College takes pride in its innovative approach to establishing itself as an institution of excellence; responsive to education and training needs and contributing to the skills revolution in South Africa. In this regard the college has a proven track record with various organisations such as NGOs, Business and Industry, as well as Government Departments.

Goldfields   TVET College offers a wide range of courses/programmes that have been developed to respond to the scarce skills needed by employers. In an effort to ensure that courses are responsive to the needs of commerce and industry, the College goes to great lengths to secure linkages and partnerships with key role-players in commerce and industry and with the Sector Education and training Authorities (SETAs). Our College has an International partnership with PUM of Netherlands, given our place in an increasingly globalised labour market. This is to ensure that our education is internationally bench-marked against the best practice in diverse international settings.

The costs of the courses vary, but it is important to remember that Department of Higher Education and Training courses are subsidised at 80% of the delivery cost and the remaining 20% is paid by the student. Many hold full bursaries!

The College also strives towards continuous improving of quality in service delivery. Our students’ academic performances and achievements are rated amongst the best in the Free State Province.  We continue to produce better qualified and more employable graduates and work very hard towards putting our students in a better position through their workplace based Experience industry links to secure jobs, apprenticeships or internships. We firmly believe that the way to success is by providing an opportunity to our College to improve the relevance of our curriculum, through input and feedback provided by our host employers as this keeps us abreast of the needs of industry and commerce.

We prepare our students for employability. The workplace plays an essential role as a key ingredient in catalysing graduates who able to start and succeed in their own business ventures, and to bridge their entry into the world of work.

Courses offered at the Goldfields TVET College are externally and independently quality-assured by the Quality Assurer, under whom the particular education and training programme or course resorts. In addition,our College is also SABS ISO 9001:2008 Certified.


Campus Name Address Contact Person Contact Number Enquiries

Central Office

Physical:36 Buren Street

Flamingo Park




Private BagX95



Marketing & Communication Unit

Tel:057 9106000


057 3921082

Latitude:                    27˚ 57’ 18,05 ” S

Longitude:             26˚ 43’ 34,50” E

[email protected]

Website address:



14107 Ndaki  RoadThabong



Mr. Rs Radile

Campus Manager

Tel:057 9106700


057 3951304

Latitude:              27˚ 57’ 8,53 “ S

Longitude:          26˚ 48’ 7,70” E


CNR Petrus Bosch & Toronto RoadJan Cilliers Park



Tel:057 9101600


057 3532298

Latitude:              27˚ 59’ 21,29 “ S

Longitude:          26˚ 44’ 2,73” E

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