UKZN Admission Requirements

UKZN Admission Requirements – University Of Kwa-zulu Natal


Requirements / APS

  • The values allocated to the levels of performance in subjects s, i.e. 1-7 are added to calculate the composite Academic Performance Score (APS).
  • Life Orientation (LO) is not included in the APS calculation for UKZN (no points are allocated for LO).
  • The Academic Performance Score (APS) is calculated by adding the performance ratings of the other six subjects. Mathematics paper 3 is not a full subject and is not considered for the APS.
  • If more than seven subjects were taken, the APS is calculated by adding the performance ratings of English (HL or FAL) plus Mathematics or Mathematics Literacy plus the best ratings of four other subjects (excluding LO or Maths Paper 3). No bonus points are awarded for additional subjects.
  • Note that candidates may be required to write the National Benchmark Tests(NBT) to assist with their placement at UKZN.
  • The Medical School currently does not require applicants to write the National Benchmark Test (NBT) for admission, because it disadvantages many learners, particularly in rural areas, who may not be able to access the NBT venues due to logistic challenges.
Undergraduate programmes
 1. National Senior Certificate or Senior Certificate

1.1 Applicants to undergraduate degree programmes must be in possession of a National Senior Certificate for Degree Studies (NSC-Deg) or a Senior Certificate with endorsement.

1.2 Applicants to undergraduate diploma programmes must be in possession of a National Senior Certificate for Diploma studies (NSC-Dip) or Senior Certificate.

 2. Medium of Instruction

The medium of instruction at UKZN is English,  and UKZN requires a pass in English (Home Language or First Additional Language (FAL)) at Level 4 (50% or above) but note that the College of Law requires a pass in English Home language at Level 5 or English as FAL on Level 6.  For admission to Diplomas or Alternative Access programmes a lower performance in English may be acceptable. In the Senior Certificate a pass for English at First or Second Language HG E is required.

 3. Life Orientation

UKZN degree programmes require a pass in Life orientation at Level 4.  Access Programmes may consider a pass at Level 3.

 4. Minimum Composite Academic Performance Score

(NSC-Deg and Senior Certificate)
Each programme has determined a minimum composite Academic Performance Score required for admission to the programme. This is however the minimum score required for consideration and learners just meeting this minimum cannot be assured of admission.  Applicants to programmes are ranked according to APS and selection is done from the top down until the number of places available in the specific programme is filled. Competition for places is high and it is unlikely that applicants not meeting the APS for a specific programme will be considered.

5. Subject requirements and Levels of Performance

In addition subject requirements and minimum Levels of performance in specific subjects are set for admission to UKZN programmes.  Applicants who did not include the correct subjects in their NSC-Deg or who did not obtain the required level of performance in specific subjects required for admission to a programme,  will not be considered

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