2019 Umfolozi TVET College Online Application Form

2019 Uzmfolozi TVET College Online Application Form is available for download. Check the links below to download the latest version of the application pdf

Click here to download 2019 Uzmfolozi TVET College Online Application Form

Welcome to Umfolozi College. Our college offers National Certificate (Vocational) and Diploma courses in a range of Business and Engineering fields at five main campuses across northern Kwa-Zulu Natal. In addition, eight skills campuses offer a variety of skills training in rural communities.
The college also engages in co-operative and learnership programmes.
This publication aims to provide prospective students with detailed information about courses and programmes currently on offer at our various campuses.
Please study the contents carefully and discuss your options with Student Support Services or with any of our Senior Lecturers before making your final choices as these impact on your future study options and your career.

What you need to know:
• The availability of courses and subjects listed in this publication will depend on the number of students enrolled.
• National Certificate (Vocational) programmes are offered on a full-time basis only. New NC (V) students are required to complete a placement assessment prior to registration.
• N4 – N6 programmes are offered on a full-time and part-time basis only.
• All prospective students are required to complete an application evaluation form as set by the specific Campus at which they wish to study.
• The college offers a range of short courses which are flexible and can be offered according to company needs (e.g. languages, computer packages etc.) See the section on Skills Training (pg.5)
for further details.
• Through the Department of Education & Training’s TVET Colleges’ Bursary scheme, bursaries are available to qualifying NC (V) and full-time N-Level students. Enquiries can be made at Student
Support Services at 035 797 4319 or at your nearest campus.

TVET Colleges are able to offer the following qualifications:

National Diploma
A National Diploma (M+3/NQF5) Qualification is awarded to students who have completed their N4 – N6 in a specific field at an TVET College, and are able to provide proof that the required relevant in-service training period has been completed. The full duration including completion of studies and in-service training is usually 3

National Certificate (Vocational)

A range of vocationally based programmes introduced at TVET Colleges in 2007.

Skills programmes

Short duration skills based programmes offered by TVET Colleges, usually from rurally located skills campuses.

Co-operative Training & Support

This is training for young people on the fundamentals of establishing and managing a youth co-operative business. A co-operative in an autonomous association of persons united voluntarily to meet their common economic, social, and cultural needs and aspirations through a jointly-owned and democratically-controlled enterprise. For further information contact the Programmes Department on 035 902 9594.


A training programme that combines theory at a college or training centre with relevant practice on-the-job. It is a legally binding agreement between an employer, a learner (typically an existing employee of the company) and a training provider. For further information contact the Programmes Department on 035 902 9594.

When to apply:

After enrolling in an NC (V) programme. Applications forms will be distributed at induction.

How to apply:
• Enroll for your chosen NC (V) programme
• Obtain an application form during induction.
• Complete the form and return it to the campus. Ensure that you submit your form BEFORE THE CLOSING DATE and provide ALL requested supporting documentation.
• Qualifying applications will them be submitted to the Umfolozi College Bursary Committee for consideration. Bursaries will be awarded based on financial need and academic performance within the confines of the funds allocated to the College by the Department of Higher Education & Training.
• IMPORTANT: Students enrolling for NC (V) programmes are required to pay 25% of their fees on registration. However, students should ensure that they have the means to pay the full study and
related fees for their programme, according to college requirements and deadlines, and not rely on receiving a bursary as bursary funds are limited, and are awarded according to strict pre-determined
criteria. Students who do not receive bursaries will be liable for their own outstanding student accounts.

Central Office
Tel +27 (35) 902 9501
Fax +27 (35) 789 2585
Naboomnek Street, Arboretum, Richards Bay
Email: [email protected]

Chief Albert Luthuli Campus
Tel +27 (32) 559 6555 / 6564
Fax +27 (32) 559 9468
Cnr R102 and D270, Groutville

Eshowe Campus
Tel +27 (35) 474 2801 / 2304
Fax +27 (35) 474 2817
King Dinizulu Road, Eshowe

Esikhawini Campus
Tel +27 (35) 796 5568 / 5576
Fax +27 (35) 796 5530
Lot no. 11, Esikhawini Highway

Mandeni Campus
Tel +27 (32) 456 3626 / 8400
Fax +27 (32)456 5777
End of Anderson Road, Mandeni

Richtek Campus
Tel +27 (35) 902 9500
Fax +27 (35) 789 7011
Cnr Via Richardia & Naboomnek, Arboretum, R/Bay

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