Midrand Graduate Institute Prospectus 2019

Midrand Graduate Institute Prospectus  2019

Midrand Graduate Institute Prospectus 2019 is available for Download

A university or school prospectus is a document sent to potential (prospective) students to attract them to apply for admissions. It usually contains information about the institution and the available courses, including advice on how to apply and the benefits of accepting a place.

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Career-focused higher education

Our wide range of higher education qualifications and programmes are all designed to get you ready for the modern workplace. We offer foundation programmes, 16 undergraduate degrees and four postgraduate programmes across three faculties: The faculty of commerce and law, the faculty of humanities and the faculty of applied sciences.

Individualised and personalised

Our classes are smaller, which means we can spend more time focusing on you and giving you exactly what you need to learn. On top of that we also offer a range of support programmes for students to ensure their academic success

Qualified and experienced staff

We value both academic qualification and real world experience, and our academic staff are no exception. Our lecturers are all highly qualified and have plenty of academic and real world experience. We won’t just hand you an encyclopaedia and talk at you during lectures, we offer practical assignments, field trips and guest speakers.

Blended approach to learning

We prefer a more modern approach to learning, which is why we use a combination of technology enhanced learning aids, like Tablets, and traditional learning methods as well as practical application, to prepare you for the technology-driven, fast-changing world of work.

Financing and payments

We’re here to help you get an education and get ready for the real world. We know higher education is an investment, that’s why we offer ways to navigate this through extended payment options, early-bird discounts and the Pearson scholarship, which rewards academic excellence.

Diverse campuses throughout South Africa

Pearson Institute has become one of the largest private education companies in South Africa with 12 campuses in 7 provinces. We promote a very inclusive student life and are educating students from over 18 countries within Africa and abroad.

Pre-degree Foundation Programmes

For students looking to ease the transition into their higher education studies, we offer pre-degree programmes that will better prepare matric learners for the focus and workload demand of tertiary education. It is a very supportive one year programme that sets students up for one of our three-year degrees.

Global heritage

As the world’s learning company that operates in over 70 countries, Pearson have the ability to make change happen on a global scale. Pearson are committed to creating positive social impact in everything we do by supporting causes and issues that help remove the barriers to achieving better learning outcomes.

University partnerships

With Pearson Institute you get the benefit of partnering with other local and international universities. For instance, our partnership with UNISA allow us to offer tuition support for the UNISA LLB degree. We are also constantly looking for opportunities to partner with universities around the globe and in 2016 we ran the first Debate Camp with Ivy League acclaimed Cornell University in the USA.

Real world ready

Our qualifications are backed by an international knowledge-base and programmes designed to help get you employed. In the end, you won’t be afraid to go into the real world, because you’ll already be in it.

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