MyUnisa Digi-Band

The my Unisa Digi-band is a device that allows students to store an offline, yet updatable , copy of their myUnisa group site on a flash drive. This allows students to access their study material in electronic format at any time even without permanent access to the internet or a computer. At regular intervals and when an Internet connection is available, the offline copy should be updated with the latest information and activities from the online myUnisa site . This can be done by using the synchronization option which has been made available to you. You will find the Digi-band User Manual , with step-by-step update instructions and a description of tools can be accessed offline, on your module site in myUnisa. Nonetheless, you still need to go online to post their discussions or submit assignments.


You will receive a flash disk called a DIGIBAND. The digiband contains a simulation backup of the myUNISA environment of the module. The digiband allows you to work offline. This means you do not have to be online all the time to access your module material. However, you should only use the digiband when you cannot work directly from myUNISA. Please do not wait for the delivery of the digiband to start working on your module, as the information on the digiband is exactly the same as the one available online. You therefore need to use your MASTER SITE to access your learning units. The study materials (digiband) will only be mailed out to you once your initial payment has been finalised. THIS MEANS, YOU WILL ONLY BE ABLE TO ACCESS YOUR GROUP SITE ONCE YOUR PAYMENT HAS BEEN FINALISED AND YOU WILL THE BE ALLOCATED TO A GROUP AND A TA.


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