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How do I complete and submit my assignments?


Please follow the steps below for accessing and completing MyLab IT assignments.

Detailed Instructions

These guidelines will help you to understand how to start an assignment and upload it for grading. Please go through this document prior to starting assignments.

Step 1: Sign In

Student needs to sign in to the University of South Africa (UNISA) Learning Management System (LMS) using the sign-in credentials provided by the university.


Step 2: Navigate to Course

Upon signing in, you will be taken to the following screen. Click the course link.


Upon clicking the course link you will be taken to the following screen. Click Course Materials.


On the next page, click Course Materials.


Step 3: Go to Assignments

Click Assignments to view your assignments.


You will be taken to this page. Make sure you are on the To Do tab.


Step 4: Start the Assignment

Select the assignment you need to work on then click Start.


Step 5: Download the Files Required for Completing the Assignment

A window similar to the one below opens. Click Download Files.


The following window opens with support files that are required for you to complete the assignment. You have an option to download all files at once as a zip file by clicking Download all files or separately as individual files by clicking the green arrow.

Download the file (or files) to your computer by following the Windows prompts. These files will be saved in your default downloads folder set for your browser.


After successful downloading, your files should be located in the relevant folder similar to the one below.
Note: This is only an example. Your file names will vary according to the assignment you are working on.


A Microsoft Word document containing the instructions will be provided with these downloaded sets of files. Open the instructions document and work on your assignment as explained in the document. Upon completing the assignment, pay attention and save your work to the desktop, or to any other location that will be easy for you to remember and retrieve during submission for grading.

Important: When saving the file, remember to save the file with the same default file name. Do not rename the file when you save it. For example, in the illustration above, the default name of the file the student needs to work on is “GO_p01_Grader_IR.pptx.” After completing the assignment, the student needs to remember to save the file under the same name, “GO_p01_Grader_IR.pptx.” This same file with the default name needs to be submitted for grading. Students who change the default file name will have their submissions not graded or rejected.

Note: After downloading the files to your computer, you can work on the assignment at your own pace. You do not need not be connected to MyLabsPlus and can close all windows related to it.

Step 6: Upload the Completed File (Assignment)

Once you complete the assignment and are ready to submit for grading, follow the steps below. If you are not connected to MyLabsPlus, please connect and navigate to the following screen and click the Upload Completed File button.


The following window will open:

  1. Browse to the location you saved your file by clicking Browse and select the correct file.
  2. Click the Upload button to upload your assignment.


Step 7: Submit Assignment for Grading

Upon successfully uploading your assignment, make sure to submit your assignment for grading by clicking the FINISH: Submit for Grading button as shown below.

Ensure that you perform this step as the final step when you have completed the assignment and it is ready for submission.


Steps to Complete an Assignment

  1. Sign in.
  2. Navigate to course.
  3. Go to assignments.
  4. Start the assignment.
  5. Download files required for completing the assignment.
  6. Upload the completed file (Assignment).
  7. Submit assignment for grading.

Important Things to Remember

  1. Select the correct assignment and download the files required to complete the assignment.
  2. When saving, save the file same as its default file name.
  3. Upload the assignment and, finally, submit it for grading.
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